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Listen to the radio ad now Auctioneer
Richard Pombo took hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign cash from the oil and gas industry and then voted to give them millions in tax breaks.

Listen to the radio ad now Free Ride
Congressman Richard Pombo rented an RV for his family's vacation tour of seven national parks- and your tax dollars paid for it!

Listen to the radio ad now Open Season
Congressman Richard Pombo wants to sell 15 national parks, park naming rights and thousands of acres of public land to the mining industry.

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"Congressman Pombo, who calls himself a 'conservative,' needs to gain a true understanding of what conservation really means."
- The Gilroy Dispatch April 21, 2006

"The act should be updated, not gutted. For example, Congress should emphasize saving entire ecosystems, not just individual species."
- The Denver Post February 15, 2006

"DeLay's cozy attitude toward lobbyists seems to have rubbed off on Pombo..."
- The LA Times January 25, 2006

"McCloskey's experience and integrity make him an ideal opponent for the increasingly discredited Pombo."
- San Jose Mercury News January 25, 2006

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