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Aug 5, 2010


New TV ad reminds New Mexico voters of Steve Pearce's Checkered Congressional Career

WASHINGTON – Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund today launched its first TV ad in the race for the House seat in New Mexico’s second district, highlighting Steve Pearce’s congressional career, his ties to special interests and the fact that he was named one of the most corrupt members of Congress by an independent watchdog group.

“New Mexico deserves better than Steve Pearce,” said Defenders Action Fund President Rodger Schlickeisen. “Congressman Pearce has a history of giving priority to special interests, taking their campaign cash, voting their way in Congress and trying to disguise his personal business dealings with them. That’s why he was named one of the most corrupt members of Congress by a citizens’ independent watchdog group.”

In 2007 Pearce was named as one of the most corrupt Members of Congress by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington – a fact that the new TV ad highlights – for his ties to special interests and questionable business dealings. The ad touches especially on campaign contributions to Pearce from giant oil corporations like BP, and his legislative support for their interests. It also shines a light on Pearce’s sale of his business, Lea Fishing Tools, valued at less than $5m, but sold to Key Energy for $12 million just six weeks after Key Energy had lobbied Pearce in a House Natural Gas Task Force hearing.

 “The cloud of questionable ethics that surrounded Pearce in his 2008 Senate bid has not faded,” continued Schlickeisen. “It’s also worth remembering that he was part of the crowd that drove us into the financial ditch we’re in right now. If Pearce had been half as aggressive looking out for America’s finances as he was his own, we might not be in this mess.”

The ad, entitled “Remember”, that will run for two weeks across the district.

Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund spent over $500,000 in 2008 to help elect Sen. Tom Udall. A full campaign of TV, radio, mail and field was launched early in the cycle, helping to put victory out of reach for Steve Pearce.


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